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Product Payout

Splits Lets You Pay Your Sellers and Partners With Ease

We enable online marketplaces and other service providers to send money to their beneficiaries’ bank accounts, safely and on the spot. Providing faster payouts with Splits can help you gain the trust of more sellers, customers, and partners.

Why Splits?

Simple API to submit payout requests with ease
Online dashboard to track payments on-the-go
Transparent fees
Multiple transfer options to choose from


Merchant provides Splits with the transaction details in order to transfer the funds
Splits submits transaction details to the bank
Beneficiary then receives funds directly to their bank account within 24 hrs

Ideal Splits Use Cases

Manage incoming payments with ease, and simplify payouts to all your service providers, sellers, drivers, couriers, or any other beneficiary. Splits supports almost all business models across various industries.

Get Started Today with Splits, to guarantee faster payouts.

There are many scenarios that require you to split a payment.

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