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About Us

We Combine Technology with Business Ideas

IES LLC is practicing global strategic consulting for over 20 years, we partner with leaders from business and society to overcome the greatest challenges and capture their greatest opportunities. Our success depends on our ability to collaborate deeply and on our ability to work across cultures to improve ourselves and the world.

As part of our transformational approach, we empower our clients to increase growth and competitive advantage, drive positive societal change, and build sustainable competitive advantages. With a diverse team of seasoned professionals from around the world, we deliver integrated solutions in management consulting, digital technology and design, and corporate solutions.

About Our Purpose

Ultimately, we strive every day to live our purpose through our work by focusing on these five principles – enabling entrepreneurs and corporate to prosper as they advance the world:

  1. We tackle tough problems by challenging traditional approaches.
  2. Clients find empowerment collaborating with us to envision beyond short-term milestones.
  3. Overcoming complexity involves finding hidden truths in dynamic systems.
  4. Confronting hard issues openly while staying true to our values defines our commitment to integrity.
  5. Our success aligns with the growth of others, fostering our full potential and that of clients and the community.


Our Values

The core values of our company have been ingrained in everything we do, and are the cornerstone of our integrity-driven culture:
The strategic perspective
Respect for the Individual
Clients Come First
Value Delivered Partnership

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to provide expert consulting services that help organizations optimize their operations, increase efficiency, and achieve their strategic goals. We strive to deliver value to our clients through data-driven solutions, rigorous analysis, and deep expertise in a variety of industries and sectors. Our team is dedicated to building long-term partnerships with our clients and to being a trusted advisor for their most pressing business challenges.”

Vision Statement

Ultimately, we strive every day to live our purpose through our work by focusing on these five principles – enabling entrepreneurs and corporates to prosper as they advance the world:

Our Purpose

management services can strengthen, protect, and energize your cross-border business operations.

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